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The Canvas:

- Full Color, Vibrant Canvas
- Color blocks and Easy to See Stitching
- Acid Free Taped Border, to avoid snagging
- Ample Finishing allowance
- World’s Best Canvas; Zweigart® Mono

Choose a Full Kit, and you also receive:

- Plenty of Floss (of Your Choice)
- Full Instructions, and Finishing Instructions
- Needle & Protective Packaging

FREE Shipping
Unconditional Guarantee & Advice

Farmers Market Bag, ft. Onion Needlepoint Canvas.


  • Stitched Design Size: 9 x 6"
  • Bag Dimensions: 14" Height x 11" Width x 10" Deep

What could be more relevant and understated than an onion on your tote. No crying here, a trendy combination that's sure to please! This would work just as well for your shopping or as a practical, elegant picnic carrier.

ABSOLUTELY NO FINISHING REQUIRED: Ready to go, the bag has an inside zipper that allows you to slide in your stitched work to complete the look. You can mix it up by purchasing additional designs and swapping them as your heart desires.

Farmers Market Needlepoint Bag

  • Hand made in MA, USA by master seamstress.
  • Metal key clasp on inside, keeps your keys safe.
  • Special "Hot and cold pouch" on interior keeps your delicacies fresh (8" Wide x 10"+ Height)
  • Wine / Bread pouch 7x10"+ (2 large internal pockets). 2 x double external pocket 7x3". 1 x 7x7" External pocket.
  • Designer fabrics and quality fixtures, lined, re-enforced, guaranteed to last... boy does it look it!

Onion "Full Kit" options contains everything required to make what you see;

  • Finished needlepoint bag.
  • Full color canvas with blocks.
  • Required floss to complete.
  • Needle and Instructions.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.

"Bag & Canvas Only" options mean you get the bag and the canvas, but you use / source your own fibers.



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What do the numbers mean?-- simply, the number of holes per inch! 12 or 13 mesh with wool for the easy to stitch traditional look, 13, 14 or 16 Mesh and Stranded Cotton works well for a beautiful sheen and good detail.
  • 10EASY10
    Biggest Holes / Least Detail
    Stitches quickly. Choose simple
    designs, or a larger size canvas.
    Stitch Rugs & Furnishings
    Use Wool
  • 12EASY12
    Popular in Europe
    Stitches quickly.
    Choose simpler
    designs, or a larger size canvas.
    Stitch Wall Art & Furnishings
    Use Wool, Floss or Pearl Cotton
  • 13EASY13
    Popular standard in USA
    Stitches quite quickly with
    reasonable detail;.
    a good starting count,
    Stitch Wall Art & Furnishings
    Use Wool, Floss or Pearl Cotton
    Compromise Speed & Detail
    Suitable for most designs. A Softer Canvas.
    Stitch Wall Art & Furnishings
    Use Floss, Pearl Cotton or Silk
    Detail without being too fine.
    Stitch designs requiring more
    shading & detail.
    Slower to stitch.
    Stitch Wall Art & Furnishings
    Use Floss, Pearl Cotton or Silk
  • 18ADVANCED18
    Smallest Hole / Most Detail
    Provides most detail; a long time project.
    Suitable for designs with detail.
    Use Floss, Pearl Cotton or Silk
Questions? Call! No pressure, just sound advice. (800) 929 8199
What Floss Options should I choose? Tapestry wool is popular, with a more traditional look. Stranded cotton is our most popular, has many colors, and works with most mesh counts.
  • Sullivans® & DMC® Stranded Cotton
    Perfect with Meshes 13 to 18

    100% Mercerized Cotton
    with a Pretty Sheen

    Huge range of colors
    & therefore most detail

    Easy to Stitch with

    Best Value
  • DMC® Pearl Cotton
    Perfect with 13 & 14

    Stunning Perescent Sheen
    a stunning fibre.

    Fewer colors, therefore
    restricts more detailed
  • DMC® Tapestry Wool
    Perfect with Meshes 10 to 14
     Stunning Traditional
    “Matte” Wool Canvas look
     Most European or Kit Canvas
    Uses this style floss
     Great for projects that see
    much use e.g. pillows.
     100% Virgin wool with
    Excellent coverage
  • Needlepoint Inc® 100% Silk
    Perfect with Meshes 13-18

    Beautiful, Bright Sheen
    100% Chinese Silk

    Exceptionally soft to
    the touch.

    Many colors & therefore
    good detail.
Questions? Call! No pressure, just sound advice. (800) 929 8199