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The Lady of Shalott December 11 2014

This is one of my most favorite paintings by the wonderful John William Waterhouse, and one of the most popular pieces in the Tate Gallery in London, where I was lucky enough to see it in person. We were so excited to adapt it to needlepoint! Since the painting hangs in our house we decided to do a comparison, so check them out side by side!



This one would look beautiful done in wool as a wall hanging. Plus, I like the idea of Waterhouse's Lady of Shalott being stitched as a tapestry, since both he and his contemporary William Morris (who made tapestry popular) were heavily influenced by Arthurian legend.

We've just added Needlepoint Christmas Ornaments & New Designs October 18 2014

We've just added a stunning collection of Christmas needlepoint ornaments in time to stitch for Christmas, and 16 stunning new pillows in naturalist and floral motifs. Naturalist ferns, Artichoke, Poppy, Amaryllis, Lavender, Lilly and more!

New contemporary artists added to our needlepoint canvas and kits March 30 2014

We've been busy this past week updating our website with a collection of new contemporary artists, who's designs translate beautifully into needlepoint. As usual they are available in all the counts of Zweigart mono canvas, and all thread and size options.

 Aubry Chapman's lovely ladies are an homage to the female form in all its big, beautiful glory! These buxom beauties are calling out to be stitched into wall hangings so they can be appreciated and admired. We would love to see Lulu stitched up in wool and displayed in your boudoir as a tapestry. Why not request one of these gals as a 15x15" pillow? Wouldn't you love to share your couch with Sandra?
Deidre Wicks brings animals to life with her watercolors which as a medium actually lends itself very well to needlepoint. The simplicity of the colors makes stitching her designs quite easy, but they have just the right amount of detail if that's also what you're after! Are you or someone you know a pet lover? Choose from Deidre's cat and dog needlepoint designs to stitch up as the perfect gift. We think The Sweetheart is good enough to eat! 

Garima Parakh has the ability to go from abstract and geometric to beautifully impressionistic, like her Waterlilies #5. Why not stitch up Palace, left, in sumptuous silks as a wall hanging to brighten up a blank wall in your own palace? If you want a needlepoint project that doesn't bore you with loads of repetitive background color to be stitched, then check out Garima's designs! Luckily, we stock the full kit, so once you choose from our range of cotton, wool, pearl cotton or silk, we will choose and match the perfect colors, and all will be delivered right to your door! 

Joseph Sonday's repertoire spans from bright, funky mask designs to abstract portraits, and a very realistic portrait (that we can't get over!) of the iconic Marilyn Monroe. We love the kitschy vibe of his pieces, and now want to own a house in South Florida just so we can stitch up Cafe Miami in DMC wool as a wall hanging and sit around drinking Cuba Libres while admiring it on the white stucco wall.  

Lillian Connelly's Japanese Tea Garden (at left) is what first caught our eye. With its shades of spice and cool greens, you really feel like you're there. Her beautiful take on flowers as dreamy stained-glass like pieces (see Pink Coneflowers in a Field) would be stunning stitched in silk and then made into a needlepoint purse. 

Melody Cole Gates imbues so much grace and soul in her portraits and uses color to say so much. In Soul Sisters (at left) you can feel the bond of two women by their identical stark white dresses in a dark foreboding landscape. Is someone you love getting married? Stitch Beautiful Bond, with its delicate pastel colors, in silk floss as a needlepoint wall hanging they special couple can cherish forever. 

Mercedes Lagunas has a penchant for artwork that looks so alive and wild that it'll come right off the canvas! Why not stitch up the psychedelic Flora in kitschy wools and make your finished product into a cool bag? If you like your needlepoint projects with detail, she's the artist for you! Pieces like Flowers #1 give "still life" a new meaning and Landscape #8, folk art a new flair!

Robert Mahosky's startling portraits were inspired by his time in Rwanda after the genocide in the 1990s. You will agree that he captures a multitude of emotion in his pieces--look at the sadness in the little boy's eyes in African Face--and that they translate beautifully into needlepoint. The detail in these pieces mean they will hold your attention throughout your stitching. Cotton floss would be a great fiber of choice for these, as the color range is extensive and you want to do justice to Robert's beautiful palette. 

Sascalia has a bright, whimsical style that brings to mind folk art with a modern twist. Don't you love that bird in her piece Fly Me Home (at left)? You will fall in love with the characters--human and animal-- that inhabit her fantasy settings. If you appreciate color, why not make one of Sascalia's pieces, like Summertime, your next needlepoint project?! Opt for the full kit and we'll do all the color matching and choosing for you. We think these designs would look great in pearl cotton which has a lovely vibrancy and sheen to it. 







Now Free USA Shipping on ALL ORDERS March 20 2014

We've added free shipping to cover any needlepoint canvas or kit order sent to the USA!

New Arrivals! Finishing & Trims December 01 2013

Add an elegant look to your finished needlepoint pillow with our new range of trims, cording and tassels! Measured for ample use with our 10, 15 & 20" pillow kits they will add perfection to your piece! View the range here

New, Beautiful 5x5" Needlepoint miniature canvases added. September 23 2013

If you are looking for a quick project why not stitch up one of our beautiful Needlepoint miniatures! Starting at just $15 for the canvas we have many designs and styles to choose from. Go to Miniatures