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Choosing the right needlepoint Needle / Recommendations for each Canvas Size

The needle must just slightly enlarge the canvas hole so that the thread may pass through; but the needle must not distort the canvas hole.

Any needle can be used for any size canvas as long as the thread can be put in the needle’s eye to be stitched through the canvas or couched on the surface, and will have a diameter to pass through the canvas. For instance, I usually use a #26 needle on Congress cloth. However, if I’m couching a thread, I use whatever size needle which will hold it, even if I have to enlarge a canvas hole and then realign the canvas threads.



Canvas / Mesh Count Needle Size
#10 canvas: #16 or #18 needle (#18 preferred)
#12, #13 canvas:  #18 needle
#14, #16 canvas:  #20 needle
#18 canvas:  #22 needle
#22 (Congress cloth):  #24 or #26 needle


If you are ordering a full kit our needlepoint kits already come with the correct needle size needle for the count you chose. We use only the best quality John James tapestry needles from England.